Aluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² - $5,000

Aluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 1 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 2 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 3 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 4 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 5 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 6 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 7 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 8 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 9 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 10 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 11 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 12 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 13 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 14 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 15 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 16 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 17 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 18 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 19 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 20 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 21 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 22 thumbnailAluminum Bleachers – 5 Row – 21β€² 23 thumbnail
condition: good
make / manufacturer: GRANDSTAND / BLEACHER SEATING
model name / number: SPECTATOR / SPORTS SEATING
size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MORE⬇️MATERIALS

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🟒 $5,000.00 each
Dimensions: Length: 21β€² | Width: 105.5β€³ | Height: 48.25″” (Note: see picture for reference)
Weight: Approx. 500 lbs
Material: Aluminum
Condition: Used
Quantity Sold: Individual Complete Sets – 9 Planks, 4 Frames, and Supports (Assembly Required)
Shipping Method: PTL, Flat Bed or Local Pick Up
Contact Us for a Custom Shipping Quote @ 877-282-USED (8733)
backSTORY: These Aluminum Bleachers were originally used by a church for their outdoor and indoor venues at sporting events. They feature 5 rows and measure 21 feet in length, providing ample seating for many patrons. The sturdy construction ensures durability and safety, making them a perfect addition for schools, sports fields, or community events. Their lightweight design allows for easy relocation and setup, accommodating various seating needs for different events.

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