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offered in person
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Professional one-on-one highly personalized tutoring. We have 10+ years’ experience working with Standardized Tests (STAAR) with all subjects and all grade levels. K12. We can teach you using proven research-based strategies that can increase your scores and give you an *Edge in any subject-- Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, test-taking skills and study skills. For the student who is lacking core skills and needs intervention, **A comprehensible step by step computer research-based application curriculum program is provided to reinforce skills and enhance instruction in intervention subject areas with precision and real time accuracy.

** Stealth Program - all inclusive application and skill building technology that can increase scores as well as improve performance in intervention subjects with extended representation services such as legal documents and parent/teacher counseling.

*Edge Program- prepares student achievement for the next grade level and familiarizes core subjects for next grade level to improve performance for the whole child and enhance instruction

JUST IN TIME education will adapt to points learned in the process of instruction using skills and adaptations to increase subset skills of relevant knowledge.

I also work with specialized testing prep services such as STAAR/ASVAB/SAT/GRE/GMAT/ACT test preparation. I can also work with Special Needs ADD, ADHD, and Autism. I implement Errorless Teaching Strategies component to the programs I employ.
English ESOL/GED lessons and college- career placement readiness/preparation.
All Teacher Certification Prep Exams K-12

Education Consulting Services: Parent/Teacher/ Student consultations.
Homework Help, 24/7 Skype/Phone support services, Financing available for long term tutoring contracts
Teacher and Parent training (alternative resources, information, ARD/IEP supports, self-advocacy programs, and emotional support)

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GRANTS and SCHOLARSHIPS available for Special Needs students with an IEP up to $1500 for tutoring CALL NOW for more information.

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" Personalized Tutoring Services tailored to your individual needs."
Tom Luevano M.Ed. (915) 820-8903


" I brought in my son to Especially For You Tutoring Services for help in preparing him for Kindergarten. My son was a little behind in recognizing and identifying letters, numbers, and shapes. Mr. Luevano worked with him one on one, hands on and thru an app, all at my son's pace. He picked up fast after a few days of coming with him. My son was always interested, focused, and willing to learn during his time with Mr. Luevano. I will definitely recommend him and will hire him again if we ever need a tutor. "

Bea Garcia

"My daughter didn't pass the Reading part of the STAAR test in fifth grade. She had to go to summer school. I hired Especially For You Tutoring Services as a private Tutor for her. She did 3 hours a week for 3 weeks and passed the STAAR test with a score from 1430 to a passing score of 1530. I highly recommend Especially For You Tutoring Services to help with your reading skills. "
Thank you, Especially For You Tutoring Services

Karen Campos

" Very awesome tutor thank you for working with James last summer. You did a wonderful job with him.
He was more than ready for 1st grade."

Logan Hale Moreno

"Especially For you Tutoring Services was tutoring me for 3 weeks up till the day of my PPR Certification Teaching test. He helped me believe in myself and I improved my test score up 14 points. My additional score was down 19 points. He helped me with test taking strategies and searching for key words in the questions and answers. I am definitely going to hire him again to continue helping me in the test as well as the classroom management of my class."

Ali Rangel- High School Art Teacher

"Especially For you Tutoring & Educational Services did an awesome job with my son's Abraham tutoring. They helped him with his reading, his sight words, and spelling as well as his reading homework. My son enjoyed going to tutoring. "

Araceli Cangas

"I brought my two Autistic grandsons to Especially For You Tutoring & Educational Services while we were in transition to enroll them in a public school. They did a great job in working with my twins. Tom was able to give them support they needed when other schools could not. I appreciate the support he gave us and I will use again when I get them enrolled in school. Thank you for your help."

Keven Meriwether

" I came to Especially For You Tutoring & Educational Services when I was trying to pass a certified test in a Day Care Center. I had to take several modules for a Day Care certified worker. Tom helped me write and understand the modules that were required for the position. He was very knowledgeable and taught me how to write and express myself. I had a wonderful time learning from you! Thanks, and God bless you in Jesus name!"

Ruth Kumoluyi

" Mr. Luevano is an outstanding tutor. His patience and dedication with our son gave him the confidence in learning and mastering new math concepts. Our son was always eager to be tutored because of his effective ways of teaching. We highly recommend Mr. Luevano to any parent that has a child wanting to excel in mathematics. "

Rosie Flores- Librarian R.E.L Washington Elementary

" Mr. Luevano tutored my daughter in reading and basic phonic skills. I was impressed with his work on how well he worked with her. She was having many problems with identifying letters and blending sounds. After many sessions I noticed that she started to improve dramatically in her self confidence and her grades. I would recommend Especially for You Tutoring & Educational Services to anyone who is having problems with basic reading skills. "

Carlos Ortiz

" I hired Mr. Luevano for some Spanish classes. He was very understanding and easy to work with. I felt very comfortable and he made me feel special. He really knows how to connect with students while making the lessons fun and entertaining. I had fun learning Spanish. I recommend him for anybody who is trying to learn a new language. I would not hesitate to call him again. Thank you."

Chrysten Worley

" Mr. Luevano helped me with my two sons in reading. He helped me transition my two sons from 5th to 6th grade. I had some problems with the school and he wrote a letter explaining all the interventions that he did my with my son. As a result, the school was able to pass my son to the next grade level. He was very helpful and attentive with my son's needs. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who may be having issues with the school and low grades. "

Charlene Enriquez

" Mr. Luevano assisted me with legal documents that I needed help in . He was very professional and prompt with the documents. I would recommend him for anybody who needs assistance in writing a resignation letter or needs documents proof read. Thank you for your great service. "

Marvin Cazzell - Accessible Home Modifications

" Mr Luevano helped me increase my scores on a teacher test. He gave me confidence and this is the second time I call him to help me with another test I had. He gave me much confidence and helped me believe in myself despite of the challenges I had. I recommend him to help anybody who is struggling with exams. He cares for his students and will assist you with registration and everything you may need. Thank you for your patience.

Ali Rangel - Teacher Certification Exam

" Mr .Luevano is highly skilled and knowledgeable on what he does. I had several research papers and he guided me with strategies that proved to be effective when I turned in my assignments at UTEP. My grades increased dramatically in several of my courses. I recommend Especially For You Tutoring & Educational services for your writing needs. "

Srgnt.Major Tim Lawn

" Mr Luevano did great job with my son on tutoring. My son had much more confidence and enjoyed doing his homework for the first time. My son has ADHD and Mr. Luevano helped him organize his time and learn different methods that helped him learn the lessons." Thank you.

Michael Wenger Lisa Murillo

"My son was having problems with reading . Mr. Luevano gave him confidence and showed him methods on how to increase his reading and organizational skills more effectively. Thank you Mr. Luevano for your help. "

Luisa Arellano

"I am an Honorable and disabled Vet. I have to say that I had Tom come over to help get me started with my classes. I had not been in school in over 40 years. I left all my schooling in 1980. Back when I was in school they did not have computers. We were lucky to have typewriters. I have decided to do something that can help other Veterans. I wanted to get a degree in Psychology! Lord did I know how much work it was going to work a 65-year-old woman. I went online and found Tom's ad. The man was lucky. I hit a gold mine. He was here for about 1.5 hours and I saw what I was needing to do ! I won't say Thank you so much for all the help that you gave and you made it fun. You never once made me feel like I was dumb. If anyone ever needs someone I highly recommend that you call Tom No matter how old you are. If he can teach me a 65-year-old woman He can teach anyone! "

Mrs. Renee` Smith West Side El Paso, TX

"Mila was having problems with reading and math and Mr. Luevano helped my daughter get more confidence with counting numbers by using games. Mila was having a hard time identifying letters and numbers. Mr. Luevano increased her skills in identifying the alphabet and numbers. I recommend Mr. Luevano for anybody who may need help in practically any subject. Thank you and it was a pleasure working with you and we will be back! "

Mabel Castro

"I hired Mr. Luevano to help Camila with her reading and spelling skills. Camilla loved going with Mr. Luevano for tutoring because she was always eager and excited when she attended his sessions. He knows how to work with students. In addition, he also advised me on how to help my daughter in a meeting I had with the principal. Her reading and spelling scores improved which as a result increased her confidence a great deal. I would not hesitate to call Mr. Luevano again for tutoring. I am grateful for all that you have done for Camila. Thank you."

Pablo Duarte

" I was scared and frustrated when studying for my GRE. Tom Luevano showed the correct way to approach a standardized test. With his methods, I actually went in my exam with a calm perspective. He knows the perfect way to approach a student with their body language and assess the situation to whatever the student strengths portray. It could be as simple as water of Jamaica or even give tips to maybe invest in some peppermint candies that can help the student combat the nervousness and anxiety during the test. There are not many tutors like Tom, but I was certainly happy to have found him on time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that will take a standardized test. Finally, he is also willing to learn with you, it is never “his way” it is “our way” "

Isaac Rodriguez

" I hired Especially For You Tutoring Services to help my 5th grade son who has Autism to get help in reading and math.
I was amazed the knowledge Mr. Luevano had in special education. He equipped my son and us with resources and effective reading and math strategies that prepared him to increase his understanding and learning in both subjects. We were introduced with resources that proved to be helpful with his teacher. I recommend this tutoring company to anybody who is having issues with special needs learning. It was a great resource for us, and we were offered grant funds to continue with his tutoring. Thank you, Mr. Luevano."

Fania & Jerry Diaz

" Mr. Luevano helped me understand a problem I was having with computer programming. He was patient and very methodical with his approach. I was having problems working out this program and he guided me though questions to find problem solve the question on my own without getting confused. I really thank him for everything he did for me, and I would not hesitate to ask for his help once again. "

Priscilla Rodriguez

" I was in search of a patient and skilled tutor; I currently took the ASVAB test hoping to fulfill my goals of enlisting into the United States Airforce. I failed my first test, sadly. The realization hit that I would possibly need a tutor to pass this test. Once I reached out to Mr. Luevano, I knew I was in the right hands. He was extremely knowledgeable and was very serious about helping me reach my goals. At first, I was intimidated, with only having a GED, along with being out of school for 10 years I knew this was going to be a hard task. Mr. Luevano not only made me feel comfortable he also helped me build the confidence I was lacking in my academics. I got to the point in my studies where I was surprising myself on how well I understood the assignments he was giving me. After a couple of months of vigorous studying while working with Mr. Luevano twice a week, I was ready to retake my ASVAB test. Not only did I pass, I raised my score by over 20 points from my failing score! I cannot thank Tom enough! I would not be at this point in my life without his help and guidance. He is truly the real deal and a great person to work with. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself and thank you for being patient. You truly are a great teacher and mentor. I will never forget what you have done for me, and I will never forget 432 Hz frequencies! "

Shianne Gist

"I visited my recruiter, and he recommended this company. I needed to improve my score in the ASVAB so I hired Mr. Luevano. He was very knowledgeable and patient. My confidence skyrocketed as he taught me effective strategies since I was having problems with basic math and computation. My score did increase, and I was able to familiarize myself with the math skills I needed to pass the test. Thank you for your help and I would recommend this company to anyone who is having issues with the ASVAB test. "

Chistopher Martinez

" I went to Tom Luevano because a friend of the family referred me. I receive help on reading and writing on a SAT exam I wanted to improve. He definitely helped me improve skills I had already learned and learn new skills. He also taught me many different strategies and tips to use on my readings. Mr. Luevano made the subject matter easy to understand as he does not overcomplicate concepts. I especially liked the great service and the how he used many different tools to help me throughout my learning experience. "

Joseph Lee.

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